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Wacky Wordage No. 4 – The Armourplated Elephort – illustration by Mattias Adolfsson

The Armour-Plated Elephort

Illustration by Mattias Adolfsson

The Armour-Plated Elephort by J.R.Poulter 08

The armour-plated elephort

Lumbers through my mind

On his way to Fanciful

To join more of his kind.


He rumbles on, he never sleeps

He tumbles down the mountain steeps.

He snorkunks through the ocean deeps,

He goes to join his kith and kin

Fight their way through thick and thin!


NOTHING stops the elephort

And nothing ought!


Each night he goes to Fanciful

He wades through blood and gore,

Each war is more FANTASTIC

Than he fought the night before!


But alas,

When we get to the interesting parts

Of ripping off heads and tearing out hearts,

My mother comes in and shakes me awake,

“ENOUGH! It’s late! Up, OUT THE GATE!”


I wish the elephort would come

And stumpalumph my meanie Mum!


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