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PERSONALISING YOUR STORY – an additional outlet

Personalising your story by J.R.Poulter

Are you seeking an additional paying outlet for you work?

A personalized version might be the answer!

Various companies take the illustrated text for children’ stories and modify them to create a ‘personalised’ version. The company will do the personalizing for you but, in my case, I chose to submit my own ‘personalised’ version’.  Some of my ‘personalised’ books are coming out with Frecklebox, who have also published personalised versions of books by friends.

Having a ‘personalized’ edition does not prevent you from still seeking out publication of your original text.  Contracts are non-exclusive.

If you are publishing with a small company, they might be interested in adding the option of a personalized version of your story for sale digitally.

How do you do it?

“The little boy clapped his hands gleefully! The thing in the grass glittered up at him in rainbow colours. He tried to grab it!  “Oh!” he exclaimed, the beautiful thing had moved, just out of reach…” [JRP]

Becomes: “Edward clapped his hands gleefully! The thing in the grass glittered up at him in rainbow colours. He tried to grab it!  “Oh!” Edward exclaimed, the beautiful thing had moved, just out of reach…” [JRP]

For rhyming stories, a refrain can be added in to provide the ‘personalised’ element. An example from an upcoming ‘personalised’ version “Ten Little Heroes”, a picture book with a counting element, illustrated by UK illustrator/animator, Alex Slack:

FOUR Little Heroes flying to the moon,

One said, “I’m Space-man!

See you SOOOooon! ”

Oops a doops, a whoopsie there!

             Mike to the rescue! Mike is here!


Once you have the hang of the text conversion process, you might choose to offer personalized versions of your digital books [e.g. on the App Store, Utales.com, Kindle, Nook, Adobe Digital editions, etc], or self-published children’s books from your own website/store.

Wacky Wordage No. 11- “Mes Feline” – Tricia Waterbury & J.R. Poulter

Bowler-Hatted-Cat by Tricia Waterbury

Bowler-Hatted-Cat by Tricia Waterbury

Cat Character No. 1: “Mes Feline” by J.R.Poulter

I have a cat in a bowler hat

Who struts his stuff in style!

He went to dine at Le Chez Feline

And ordered jalapos and wine.

>o >o > o >o

The wine was fine but the chilli was hot,

Hot as pepper from the pot!

The cat spat the chilli back into the vat,

Threw up in his bowler hat,

Was booted out onto the welcome mat.

>o >o > o >o

A sorry cat with a ruined hat,

He sadly sat under the neon sign

Drank the rest of the bottle of wine

And that was that for mes feline!

Wacky Wordage number 8 with John Randall York’s little people

Three Fairy Musicians by John Randall York

Three Fairy Musicians by John Randall York

RumTiddlyUmTiddly, TweedleTea and Toot, by J.R.Poulter ‘08


TweedleTea and Toot

Three little fairy friends

Wearing their best suits

Are on their way to Dumble Dell!

“Are on their way to what pray tell?”

Sunset Music by John Randall York

Sunset Music by John Randall York

To play their best for their princess

And wish her every happiness

Upon her wedding day!

“They’re on their way?”

That’s what I said!

“Well they had better move quick quick

‘Cause Jack-a-daws and Fitch-it-Stick

Are on the loose and up to tricks!”

No worries now, no worries then!

I’ve read the book, go have a look!

It all ends well for fairy friends

With lots of fun and laughter,

For this is not the Brothers Grimm

But Happy Ever After!

Wacky Wordage Number 6 – “The Catattooist” – This one is Nick Harris’s fault!

Nick Harris's Catattooist

Nick Harris

The Catattooist’s Claws by J.R.Poulter

The Cat Tattooist has the claws,

For executing what he draws.

He has the inks and, yes, I think

The dark imagination!


You needs be aware

He’s the stuff of nightmares,

With a black sense of humour

As sick as a tumour….



He’s not what you’d expect,

But you have to respect

A cat with such skill and precision!

His needle nails click,

Cut, colour and prick

The lines in designs

And colours so fine

Your back is one ‘hell’ of a vision!


ANYTHING you can dream

He can draw so it seems!

Dragon jaws, tiger claws

Vampire fangs, all those thangs

And more….




EVER ask

For a rat


One swipe of his claw

And you’re gizzard to maw

Laid out

Like a taxiderm’s mummy!

Wacky Wordage No. 4 – The Armourplated Elephort – illustration by Mattias Adolfsson

The Armour-Plated Elephort

Illustration by Mattias Adolfsson

The Armour-Plated Elephort by J.R.Poulter 08

The armour-plated elephort

Lumbers through my mind

On his way to Fanciful

To join more of his kind.


He rumbles on, he never sleeps

He tumbles down the mountain steeps.

He snorkunks through the ocean deeps,

He goes to join his kith and kin

Fight their way through thick and thin!


NOTHING stops the elephort

And nothing ought!


Each night he goes to Fanciful

He wades through blood and gore,

Each war is more FANTASTIC

Than he fought the night before!


But alas,

When we get to the interesting parts

Of ripping off heads and tearing out hearts,

My mother comes in and shakes me awake,

“ENOUGH! It’s late! Up, OUT THE GATE!”


I wish the elephort would come

And stumpalumph my meanie Mum!

Wacky Wordage No. 3 with illustrations by Mattias Adolfsson

I did this piece of humorous performance verse some time ago – pre finding Matias on JacketFlap. Imagine my utter amazement when the same elephants had been invading Mat’s territory! Elephants are creatures it’s hard to say no to – we unwisely introduced the two groups and now have a stampherdling horde!

OH MOTHER , WOW! By J.R. Poulter,

Concert piece – speaking parts – Action & speech Child; Action & speech, Mother; Elephant chorus, of twelve, accompany the entire piece with steadily growing background stamping of feet (suggest heavy gumboots or other solid footwear.)

Child: Mum!

Mum: Not now, I’m busy dear!

Child: But Mum, just listen , can’t you hear?

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

In the distance ominous rumbles

Like an army with the tummy grumbles!


Child: Mum!

Mum: Later dear, not now! No! No!

Child: But Mum, there’s something you need to know

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

It’s getting nearer, just down the street,

The thunder of humungus feet!

Allegory for the last two years, by Mattias Adolfsson

Child: Mum! You better look and see!

Mum: My dear, please do not bother me!

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

The noise is coming closer now!

Child: Oh Mum! Come quick! Oh Mother, WOW!



It’s really urgent! I need you!

Mum: My child, I’ve more important things to do

Than play at make-believe with you!

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

Child: Mum, there’s an elephant at the door

Being followed by a herd or more!


Child: Mum,

MUUUUM, tell me what I’m supposed to do

And then I will not bother you!

Mum: Oh goodness child! Don’t pester me!

Let them in and make them tea!


Child: Mum, just one more question and I’ll be quiet.

Where are we going to sleep tonight?

All Bottled Up by Mattias Adolfsson

All Bottled Up by Mattias Adolfsson