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Wacky Wordage Number 7 – “Pandamonium” – inspired by Joy ‘Stewy’ Steuerwald

Joy Steuerwald's Panda

Joy Steuerwald

Pandamonium! By J.R.Poulter

Panda’s contemplating

Where his belly button’s at

He thinks it’s moved, but it might be

That Panda’s getting fat!

He’s also found his toes are all

Slipping fast from view

Underneath an overhang

That’s made of Panda too.

He’s got a taste for honey

When he should be eating greens!

Didn’t listen to his Mummy

Hid his bamboo shoots and beans!

He has to exercise he’s told

Or he will get so big,

He’ll be just like a roley ball

And look more like a PIG!

Come on Panda, Panda do

Have a waggle, waggle, wiggle,

Wag your tum and bottom too!

Waggle, wiggle, wiggle, jiggle,

What a giggle!

You join too!

Come ‘n join him, join in wiggling!

It’s more fun when there are two

To wiggle jiggle giggling,

Even MORE when there’s a few!

Panda’s dancing! Panda’s dancing!

Do you fancy dancing too?

Come’n join him! Come’n join him

There’s room for ALL of you!

Oh dear, the floor is sagging

From the stompy bompy feet

The foundations are all caving in

SCRASH! We’re in a heap!

Oh that was fun!

Let’s go some more,

But better do our dance



I fell in love with this introspective little Panda and thought I’d bring him out of his shell – Joy thought that was a good idea too! This was the result!

Joy’s website is http://joystewy.com/illustrations.cfm

This poem and illustration feature in a book we are preparing for Sharing Books [www.sharing-books.com]