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Wacky Wordage Number 6 – “The Catattooist” – This one is Nick Harris’s fault!

Nick Harris's Catattooist

Nick Harris

The Catattooist’s Claws by J.R.Poulter

The Cat Tattooist has the claws,

For executing what he draws.

He has the inks and, yes, I think

The dark imagination!


You needs be aware

He’s the stuff of nightmares,

With a black sense of humour

As sick as a tumour….



He’s not what you’d expect,

But you have to respect

A cat with such skill and precision!

His needle nails click,

Cut, colour and prick

The lines in designs

And colours so fine

Your back is one ‘hell’ of a vision!


ANYTHING you can dream

He can draw so it seems!

Dragon jaws, tiger claws

Vampire fangs, all those thangs

And more….




EVER ask

For a rat


One swipe of his claw

And you’re gizzard to maw

Laid out

Like a taxiderm’s mummy!