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Teacher, Parent, Librarian Resource alert – “Suzie Dreaming” and “Little People…” and “Expelling Spell”- free posters

“Suzie Dreaming” and “Little People…” plus “Expelling Spell” are all now available, free to download  from http://www.sharing-books.com .

Topics to facilitate classroom usage include –

Suzie Dreaming [ pets, safety, security, parents, fathering, dreams, dogs, childhood, girl, reading]

Little people shouldn’t play… [robot, hero, action figure, weapons, toys, danger, safety, harm, swords, sharp implements]

Expelling Spell [ pranks, tricks, cause & effect, jokes, solutions, problem solving, exit, solutions, deadlines, time frames, royalty, king, wizard]

Whimsical Wordage – No. 14 John Blackford and J.R.Poulter – Suzie Dreaming

Sleeping Child/Dog Day Afternoon by John Blackford

Sleeping Child/Dog Day Afternoon by John Blackford

Suzie Dreaming by J.R.Poulter 08

Suzie’s dreaming in granddad’s chair

And I am watching over her.

Suzie knows that I am near.

She sleeps on safe, she’s not afeared.

I’ll stay beside her till daddy comes

And tucks her up in her own little bed.

Then I’ll watch over her there instead.

Wacky Wordage No. 13 – J.R.Poulter and John Blackford – Little People Shouldn’t Play…

The Ancient Hero and the Robot by John Blackford

The Ancient Hero and the Robot by John Blackford

Little People shouldn’t play… by J.R.Poulter 08

Little people shouldn’t play

With things that stab and prick, okay!

I say this to you little man

For your protection and I am

Going to take your sword away!

No off you go, good boy, and play!

Wacky Wordage No. 12 – John Blackford and J.R.Poulter – Expelling Spell

Wizard by John Blackford

Wizard by John Blackford

Expelling spell by J.R.Poulter

Now which one was it?

I must get it right!

The king wants his horse,

He wants it tonight

And, of course,

He can’t ride it far in ajar!


Abble dabble kibble cow

Come out now!


That didn’t work

Did it….


Ribbit! Tip Rabbit!

Jars are a bad habit!

Give up and get out!




Well I could try and fake it

And just up and break it!

But how do I

Resize the horse that is in it

When I’m on a deadline

That ends in ONE MINUTE!