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Wacky Wordage No. 3 with illustrations by Mattias Adolfsson

I did this piece of humorous performance verse some time ago – pre finding Matias on JacketFlap. Imagine my utter amazement when the same elephants had been invading Mat’s territory! Elephants are creatures it’s hard to say no to – we unwisely introduced the two groups and now have a stampherdling horde!

OH MOTHER , WOW! By J.R. Poulter,

Concert piece – speaking parts – Action & speech Child; Action & speech, Mother; Elephant chorus, of twelve, accompany the entire piece with steadily growing background stamping of feet (suggest heavy gumboots or other solid footwear.)

Child: Mum!

Mum: Not now, I’m busy dear!

Child: But Mum, just listen , can’t you hear?

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

In the distance ominous rumbles

Like an army with the tummy grumbles!


Child: Mum!

Mum: Later dear, not now! No! No!

Child: But Mum, there’s something you need to know

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

It’s getting nearer, just down the street,

The thunder of humungus feet!

Allegory for the last two years, by Mattias Adolfsson

Child: Mum! You better look and see!

Mum: My dear, please do not bother me!

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

The noise is coming closer now!

Child: Oh Mum! Come quick! Oh Mother, WOW!



It’s really urgent! I need you!

Mum: My child, I’ve more important things to do

Than play at make-believe with you!

Elephants: Thump, Clump, Bump, Gallump!

Child: Mum, there’s an elephant at the door

Being followed by a herd or more!


Child: Mum,

MUUUUM, tell me what I’m supposed to do

And then I will not bother you!

Mum: Oh goodness child! Don’t pester me!

Let them in and make them tea!


Child: Mum, just one more question and I’ll be quiet.

Where are we going to sleep tonight?

All Bottled Up by Mattias Adolfsson

All Bottled Up by Mattias Adolfsson