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Thumbs up from children! “Mending Lucille” in top 6 picture books for NZ public library district + reviews

Review in FeMail for "Mending Lucille"

Review in FeMail for "Mending Lucille"

New Zealand children have chosen “Mending Lucille”, placing it in the top 6 picture books for 2008. This is a wonderful honour to be chosen by the children themselves! Sarah and I are suitably excited and humbled at the same time! Dunedin Public Library District is one of the largest in New Zealand , incorporating 6 pubic libraries in its territory.

See page 3 of the promotional brochure:


Other Reviews for “Mending Lucille”





“New Zealand Listener”,  December 20-26 2008 Vol 216 No 3580 – has placed “Mending Lucille” in the top 10 chldren’s books/young adult books for 2008 –  Full review available online on 3rd January 2009