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Wacky Wordage No. 5 – Self Portrait of Mattias Adolfsson

Solf Portrait of Mattias Adolfsson

Self Portrait of Mattias Adolfsson


Nice shade of Blue!

Do you do other Hues too?

A puce or vermillion

Could look like a Million.

Heliotrope’s a nice shade

But a bit prone to fade….


Just tan is so boring,

Common White isn’t scoring

Can you really bare to be inked

In pink!

And then there’s yellow

Well that ‘s a tad mellow…

Black’s back,

At least on the fashion track.


I do think blue

Looks good on you!

Would you colour me too?


[This is brave stuff – he has also done a selfportrait as a merman, or is it being half eaten by a sharkodile? I might have to do a wacky wordage on that one too…]

Wacky Wordage No. 4 – The Armourplated Elephort – illustration by Mattias Adolfsson

The Armour-Plated Elephort

Illustration by Mattias Adolfsson

The Armour-Plated Elephort by J.R.Poulter 08

The armour-plated elephort

Lumbers through my mind

On his way to Fanciful

To join more of his kind.


He rumbles on, he never sleeps

He tumbles down the mountain steeps.

He snorkunks through the ocean deeps,

He goes to join his kith and kin

Fight their way through thick and thin!


NOTHING stops the elephort

And nothing ought!


Each night he goes to Fanciful

He wades through blood and gore,

Each war is more FANTASTIC

Than he fought the night before!


But alas,

When we get to the interesting parts

Of ripping off heads and tearing out hearts,

My mother comes in and shakes me awake,

“ENOUGH! It’s late! Up, OUT THE GATE!”


I wish the elephort would come

And stumpalumph my meanie Mum!

Wacky Wordage – Number 1- Mattias Adolfsson’s responsible for inspiring this

'Let's Form a Queue', by Mattias Adolfsson

[Illustration by Mattias Adolfsson]

The Queuing by J.R.Poulter

What shall we do?

Let’s form a queue!


You cannot form a queue right here

Because it’s not to anywhere!


What’s it matter what it’s for?

It’s better than standing round being bored!


Me to the front.

No that won’t do!


You behind me.

What, can’t you see?


Well goodness me gracious

You’re NOT efficacious!


NO need to swear,

The piggle will hear!


Oh dear……

The piggle has peedled himself with fear….


Now, where’d they all go?

How should I know!?


Nothing’s doing,

No one’s queuing,

Just piggle on his own boohooing,


“I weedely wodely wunt be awone!” *


Go home!


[*Loosely translated piggleese – “I really and truly am awf’lly alone and I don’t want to!”]

Mattias has an utterly wild and wonderous blog [http://mattiasa.blogspot.com/2008/07/stekare.html] on which this funny sketch features. It was too good to pass up – I HAD to write the story in the picture – sort of uncontainable verbalaging! The result was the humorous poem appendaged on to Mattias’ artwork [Yes, Mattias did have first peak – just in case it freaked him out of his creative space. ]

Wacky Wordage – Number 2- nonsense poem by J.R.Poulter + Mattias Adolfsson’s “Doodles”

Oh, Come A Bummer Do!

'Doodles' by Mattias Adolfsson

Oh, Come a Bummer Do! © J.R.Poulter

Sifting salted peanuts

In between their teeth,

It’s the ooby gooby men

Who’ve come to cause us grief!

Ickle them, tickle them,

Pickle and prickle them!

Bum tiddlee um tum, bum bum BOOOO!


Run, run quickly

The traffic jam’s ickly stickly!

The oobie goos spread it too thickly

And now we’re all slushing  in ooh!

Bum tiddlee um tiddlee,

What are we to do?


Alas, the iggle  piggle

Nottle wattling where he wiggled

Came a proper cropper,

Went a whopper head o’ topper

In the ooby gooby gooo.

Bum diddlee um, ummm, Oh BUM!



When he went  bumpty, dumpty,

Piggle thumped um up complumply!

He squashed the ooby goobies,

Squished them into blobs of doobies…


Diddlee um, diddlee bum, BOO HOOO!

Another trawl through the marvelous mayhem on Blog Mattias [http://mattiasa.blogspot.com/2008/07/stekare.html] found this – “Doodles”– the Bum caught me eye – no, don’t even try and deny that you see it – then came the refrain “bum tiddlee um tum bum bum!” If you don’t do something about a niggly little nonsense like that it will drive you nuts – so I gave way and “Oh Come a Bummer Do!” is the result….

Dragon Party started in similar vein – I was on a bus and the phrase came to mind “drooling dragons dribble by”. I dare you to deny extended life to a phrase like that – it HAD to be poemated!