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“Pandamonium” free teacher, librarian, home-schooling resource

Pandamonium by J.R.Poulter, illustration by Joy Streuerwald

Pandamonium by J.R.Poulter, illustration by Joy Streuerwald

“Pandamonium” is available to download free from http://www.sharing-books.com.

Topics include :
weight loss, diet, healthy eating, exercise, group activity, nutrition

This poem poster features a poem that is part of  a collection called “Of Catalumphs and Hippograffes” written by J.R.Poulter and illustrated by Joy Steuerwald which will soon be available to download from Sharing Books.



Teacher, Librarian, Parent ‘Resource’ Alert – “Ten of Them” poster – free download

Ten of Them text by J.R.Poulter, illustration by John Blackford

Ten of Them text by J.R.Poulter, illustration by Jason Ferguson

“Ten of Them” is available to download now free from http://www.sharing -books.com. Above I have inserted the name tags for each cat to assuage the curious!

Topics include:
cats, pets, counting, numeracy, numbers, sequencing, numerics, maths, mathematics, addition

Teacher, Parent, Librarian Resource alert – “Suzie Dreaming” and “Little People…” and “Expelling Spell”- free posters

“Suzie Dreaming” and “Little People…” plus “Expelling Spell” are all now available, free to download  from http://www.sharing-books.com .

Topics to facilitate classroom usage include –

Suzie Dreaming [ pets, safety, security, parents, fathering, dreams, dogs, childhood, girl, reading]

Little people shouldn’t play… [robot, hero, action figure, weapons, toys, danger, safety, harm, swords, sharp implements]

Expelling Spell [ pranks, tricks, cause & effect, jokes, solutions, problem solving, exit, solutions, deadlines, time frames, royalty, king, wizard]

Wackily whimsical wordage No. 9 – Dandelion Down – banner by Constance Wong

Dandelion Down, banner by Constance Wong

Dandelion Down, banner by Constance Wong

Dandelion Down by J.R.Poulter 08

A little bit of feather fluff

Stood up on its tippy toes

To see the way the wild wind blows.

It stretched so high, a little puff

And the dandelion down

Was blown around

Wherever the wind chose!


It danced upon its tiny feet

Across the flowers beds and street.

It twirled and whirled!

Whole worlds unfurled,

Fern fronds and rosebuds

All uncurled!


It danced until the arms of earth

Reached for the child that it gave birth.

Dandelion seed swirled softly down

To cuddle deep into the ground.

When she awoke from winter sleep

She laughed in the sun then

Once again,

She longed to leap!