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Review – “Mirror” by Jeannie Baker


"Mirror" by Jeannie Baker


In her new book, “Mirror”, Jeannie celebrates the  differences that makes up the diversity of world cultures and the elements that unite us, the bonds of family and the mundanities of every day life.

Even the presentation, as two books united within one cover, highlights  ‘same and different’, but highlights it in a way that draws us closer to both families, the traditional Moroccan family and the modern Australian family.

Turning pages of each book simultaneously, reveals parallel aspects of the daily lives of these very different families.  We see them with the intimacy and immediacy of a fly on the wall. They are at work,  at meals, settling for the night, shopping and sharing. The colours are luminous and the details absorptive. Words are superfluous!

I have always been a fan of Jeannie Baker’s beautiful, evocative, detailed collages. This latest book is a treasure!

“Mirror” by Jeannie Baker, Walker Books, ISBN 978-1-4063-0914-0.

Review – “It’s a Book!” by Lane Smith


"It's a Book!" by Lane Smith


“Its a Book!” – whilst I am definitely in favour of innovation and new technology, there is nothing like a book! This little gem beautifully and humorously puts books and new tech in perspective! Highly recommended! 🙂

Monkey is absorbed, reading a book. Jackass is busy, playing on his laptop. Jackass gets curious. What is it about this very static, boring looking assemblage of cardboard and paper that has Monkey’s attention so completely? Jackass does what all curious kids do, asks and asks and asks and asks. But, instead of deterring Jackass, Monkey’s repetitive response  only spurs him on till, in desperation, Monkey lets Jackass look see for himself.

What is the result? Computer geek Jackass gets hooked on a book and Monkey heads off to the library!

By highlighting what a book is not, Lane Smith cleverly shows exactly the joy, fascination and involvement to be had by turning the pages of a good book. The illustrations humorously depict the characters of Monkey, Jackass and Mouse and further definition is given by the clever use of a different font for each character.

Not a word is wasted in this celebration of what a book is and why we love them!

“It’s a Book!” by Lane Smith, is a Walker Book, ISBN 978-1-921720-14-7.